Fire Department

About the Victorville Division of San Bernardino County Fire Department

Mission Statement
The San Bernardino County Fire Department, Victorville Division, is a community based all-risk emergency services organization, dedicated to the health and well-being of the citizens of San Bernardino County, through a balance of regionalized services delivery and accountability to the local community, supported by centralized management and services.

Duty, Honor, Commitment

Vision Statement
Committed to providing Premier Services in Southern California

Standard of Commitment
"Where Courage, Integrity, and Service meet

The Victorville Division of San Bernardino County Fire Department will deliver comprehensive fire and life safety services of the highest quality.

Our commitment to our customers:

  • The Fire Department will support and maintain a safe, healthy, well-trained and high performing workforce.
  • The Fire Department will provide high-quality first responder service as part of an integrated emergency medical care system.
  • Our firefighters will be community resources for life safety knowledge and information.
  • The Fire Department will attract and retain a qualified and diverse workforce.
  • The Fire Department will be accountable to our community for demonstrable results.

Fire/Paramedic services are contracted through the San Bernardino County Fire Department. For more information about the San Bernardio County Fire Department, visit


INCIDENT TYPE FY 14/15      FY 15/16
Structure Fires 182 193
Vegetation Fires 131 139
Vehicle Fires 239 254
Other Fires* 256 272
Rescues 24 25
Medical Calls 11,729 12,472
Traffic Collisions 730 776
Traffic Collisions with
50 53
Hazardous Materials
276 293
Public Service*** 1,601 1,702
Other Incidents 7,647 8,131
FY14/15 Totals 22,868  
FY15/16 Totals   24,316

Fire Standards
Standards provide information for developers, builders and the private sector on construction, techniques and operations regarding fire prevention.
All Fire Department Standards are available through the San Bernardino County Fire Department website. Click here to access Fire Department Standards.

Fire Department Forms
All forms for the Fire Department are located in the City Forms Library. There you can find requests for public records, fire prevention plan checklist, and request for public education forms.


 Department Contact

Ingrid Moreno                        760-955-5242

Fire Chief Daniel Mejia

Emergencies: 911