Victorville Adds Two New Red Light Camera Intersections

Beginning March 31st, red light cameras at the intersections of Palmdale/Amargosa and Palmdale/Park will become active with the monitoring company Redflex. At these intersections, motorist running red lights will be issued warnings for the first 30 days. After the warning period, tickets will be issued to offenders with fees starting at $426.

Research data has proven that red light cameras reduce intersection collisions and injuries. In Victorville, fatal accidents are at their lowest rate in six years and accidents have decreased by 15 percent over all in those intersections.

The program began in February 2008 in an effort to make our intersections safer. The first location to be up and running was the Bear Valley Road and Amargosa Road intersection. Currently the City of Victorville has 9 intersections monitored by the red light cameras.