For Residents

When you're new to an area - or even if you've been in town for awhile, it's always nice to have a place where you can find out basic information about the City. This section has information about:

Arts & Entertainment
Find out more about arts and entertainment options in the City.

  • City Programs
    The City of Victorville provides several programs for the public, if you have questions about a City Program, this is the place to look.
  • Hospitals and Medical Providers
    This page lists all of the Hospitals and Medical Providers in the Victorville.
  • How do I...
    This section has answer to commonly asked questions. Before you call City Hall, check this page.
  • Schools
    This page lists all of the schools that serve Victorville.
  • Public Utilities
    This page lists the companies that provide utility service to residents of Victorville.
  • Water Conservation
    This is where you'll find information on xeriscaping, a recommended plant list, and other resources to help you conserve water.