Doing Business with the City

The Purchasing Division of the City has an obligation to Victorville citizens to obtain the most economical acquisition of quality materials and services that will assure efficient operation of City Government.

Victorville is always interested in fostering participation by all qualified business persons offering commodities and services that may be used by the City.

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Supplier/Vendor Lists

The Purchasing Division maintains lists of suppliers for all classes of commodities and services which are regularly purchased by the City. To be placed on a list, it is necessary to complete our Vendor Application and return it to the Purchasing Division. Submitting a completed application does not guarantee that a vendor will be personally notified every time a quotation or bid is taking place. Sealed bids, however, are publicly advertised, in local, regional newspapers and on the City’s Official Site, in the Purchasing Division Home Page.

Although all departments have access to the Vendor List, neither Purchasing nor the departments are limited exclusively to the list and have the ability to utilize any appropriate vendor considered to be in the best interest of the City.

Acting under the authority of the City Council, City Manager’s office, and the Director of Finance, Purchasing is the vendor’s contact point for all bid submittals (with the exception of Engineering Bids). Failure to respond to three consecutive bid or quote invitations may result in removal from the Vendor List. Every two years, the lists will be purged of those vendors that have not responded to any invitation to bid. This does not bar the vendor, however, from bidding on any publicly advertised bids or request for quote. If a vendor wishes to continue on the Vendor List, they are encouraged to reapply accordingly.


W-9 and 1099 Information for Vendors

W-9 Substitute Form
A W-9 form must be completed to receive compensation from the City of Victorville for contracted services. To obtain a City of Victorville W-9 form, you can click here, and fill in your name, address, and Tax ID number information. Print out the form, sign it, and fax back to the attention of Accounts Payable at 760-269-0052.

Form 1099 Miscellaneous Income
Form 1099 Miscellaneous Income is sent to all service provider vendors who have received $600.00 or more in compensation from the City of Victorville. This form is sent out by January 31st of each year for the previous tax year. If you have not received Form 1099 Miscellaneous by February, please contact Accounts Payable at 760/955-5066.


Methods of Procurement

The Purchasing Division of the City’s Finance Department procures materials, equipment, furnishings and other property, administers construction and public works projects, annual supply agreements, professional service and consulting contracts.

 Request for Quote (RFQ)
The RFQ process may be used when the total value of the procurement will not exceed $25,000. Supplier responses, i.e., “quotes”, should completely conform to the RFQ requirements and specifications and directions given including a firm price to meet the required delivery date. Incomplete or inaccurate quotes may be disqualified.

 Request for Bid (RFB)
The RFB may be used in procurements and public works projects where the estimated value is more than $25,000. The RFB process requires detailed specifications be solicited by the City for firm bids, i.e., “offers” in sealed envelopes which are opened and read at a public bid opening. The process is regulated and bids are due on or before the published date and time for receipt at the Purchasing Office. These are best and final offers, not subject to negotiation.

 Request for Proposal (RFP)
The RFP is used when the importance of technical considerations dictates the contract award be based upon cost and “other factors”. The other factors are expressed in the RFP as Evaluation Criteria. Unlike the RFB which contains a detail or design specification, in an RFP the City requirement is generally expressed in terms of performance specifications or required outcome. Suppliers are asked to propose their own (technical) solution to achieve the required results.


  • Delivery 
    Vendors should carefully follow all shipping instructions and ship to locations appearing on the purchase order. The City normally specifies purchases to be F. O. B. Destination, freight prepaid. When the method of delivery is not specified, the least expensive delivery method should be used unless the nature of the delivery requires special handling.
  • Insurance 
    In all instances in which vendor personnel enter City property to repair, service, construct, install, etc., the City requires General Liability and Auto Insurance for not less than $1,000,000. The Certificate of Insurance issued for such a policy must name the City, Officers, Elected Officials, and employees as an additional insured. Prior to commencement of work, adequate proof of Worker’s Compensation Insurance must be provided.
  • Bid, Payment and Performance Bonds 
    When requested, bids must be accompanied by a bidder’s bond in the form of a certified or cashier’s check or a corporate surety bond in an amount not less than ten (10%) of the bid amount. When required, a Faithful Performance Bond and a Payment Bond must be issued. All bonds must be issued by an admitted surety insurer in the State of California, as set forth in the Public Contract Code, Section 20170.
  • Licenses/Permits 
    Evidence of a valid State of California Contractor’s license with the proper classification, when applicable, is required to be on file in the Purchasing Office prior to commencement of work. All contractors are required to hold a current City of Victorville Business License, available through the City Finance Department. Building permits must be obtained, when applicable, from the City Building and Safety Division of the Development Department.
  • Billing and Payment 
    Each invoice should be exact in its submission and shall include the purchase order number, quantity, description of item, unit price, extensions, discounts, and applicable taxes. Unless otherwise specified on the purchase order, invoices should be directed to the Accounts Payable Division. Issuance of pay warrants is contingent on Council action. In general, the City pays in net 30 days. Early payment discounts will expedite payment. All questions regarding payment should be brought to the attention of Accounts Payable. Please be prepared to reference the purchase order number and invoice number.
  • Recycling 
    It is the intent of the Purchasing Division to investigate all possible sources of recycled products. Where economically feasible, all recycled products will be considered in accordance with Resolution 90-205.



The acceptance of personal remuneration, gifts, or gratuities by City employees violates City policy. Suppliers are requested to cooperate by not making such offers to employees.


Department Contacts

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Purchasing Manager

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Management Analyst

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Purchasing Technician

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