Victorville's OpenGov Financial Transparency Tool

In an effort to enhance transparency and improve public engagement in city government, the City of Victorville partnered with OpenGov, a California-based company specializing in financial transparency, to bring visibility, openness and accountability to City finances.

OpenGovChartVictorville is pleased to be first city in the High Desert area to publicly release its financial data on the OpenGov platform, allowing users unparalleled access to explore fiscal data in a web-based, interactive format. The tool dynamically presents City revenues and expenses in variety of graphical formats, allowing users to view, filter and analyze revenue and expense data for fiscal year 2011/2012 to present anywhere from a high-level historical trend perspective down to a more detailed line item level.

Start exploring today to get a feel for the new standard of transparency!

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Quick Views

Here are a few examples of views available in the Victorville Financial Transparency Tool based on information that is commonly requested:

How does the current budget compare to the prior fiscal year?
How are General Fund expenses divided among the City’s departments?
How do the City’s General Fund revenues compare to expenses each year?
What revenue sources contribute to the City’s General Fund?
How much does the City collect in taxes by type each year?
How much does the City spend on Police and Fire Services?
How much does the City spend each year on personnel?  

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