Storm Drain/Dry Well/Catch Basin

As Victorville’s population continues to grow, installation of new sidewalks, curbs and gutters will be needed that will require additional storm drains, catch basins, and dry wells. The City of Victorville maintains the storm drains, catch basins, and dry wells.

Personnel maintain the safe passage of water through the drains, from initial entry to exit by eliminating trash, weeds and other debris that may cause water to rise over desired levels and result in damage. They also work to keep drains clean to prevent runoff and/or nuisance water that may become problematic.

Great effort is made toward cleaning and clearing debris from the city’s drainpipes, catch basins and dry wells. Cleaning the stone/concrete foundations or walls used to prevent erosion and removing catch basin debris help to maintain storm drain concrete inlets and outlets. Cleaning pipes beneath roads is a labor-intensive job and sometimes, removing sand and debris from the large drains may require a month to complete.

Staff also maintains 50 to 60 dry wells within the city, all requiring monthly service. Debris is removed, screens are cleaned and inlets and pillows are checked.

Before regular maintenance, staff responds to emergency requests, such as flooding resulting from rain, then to service requests from the general public. Two staff members respond to emergency requests around the clock, removing debris from drains and dry wells.

Participation in the recycle program is crucial. Debris is stockpiled and dried, then screened using the front-end loader and the shaker screen. Once dried and screened, the dirt is transported to the American Organics recycling center and debris is transported to the San Bernardino County Landfill.

Strom Drain