Sanitary/Drainage and Rights of Way Division

With the increasing development of new single-family homes, new sewer main lines must be installed annually.  The Sanitary/Drainage Division safely and efficiently cleans, inspects, and vacuums all sewer main lines within the City of Victorville. Personnel perform maintenance on all levels of the city’s sewer system, from cleaning to main line repairs.

The Sanitary/Drainage Division provides quality maintenance to the sanitary sewer collection system in a safe and timely manner, and ensures that sewer mains are flowing properly at all times.

Personnel respond to contractor and resident service requests, as well as emergency calls for damage by vandals. In addition, plant maintenance assistance is provided to the local sewage treatment plant. Sewer trunk lines are cleaned every seven to ten years. The Sewer Maintenence Crew cleans an average of 4,834 feet of sewer trunk lines daily. Debris is drained of water in a nearby manhole and is transported to the sewage treatment plant.

The camera truck is used to record and visually inspect main lines. The video displays the condition of the line and targets the location of the necessary repairs. Routine maintenance also includes the elimination of root systems that have breeched sewer lines. Personnel use a regular root cutter and, when needed, a heavy-duty root cutter that cuts and removes tree roots.