Asphalt Repair

The Asphalt Repair section of the Street Maintenance Division maintains and repairs the asphalt and concrete roadways within the City of Victorville. Inspections of the pavement are performed on a regular basis and information is kept within a pavement management program (Micro Paver).

Pothole repair, pavement patching, overlays and slurry seals are some of the methods used to prolong the lifespan of a roadway system, while attempting to maintain a safe passageway.  On an annual basis, an average of 1,400 tons of asphalt is used for potholes and patching repairs on city streets.  Personnel assist in preparing and patching six million square feet of roadway for the City’s cape and slurry seal program.

Road shoulder work consists of maintaining and grading shoulders and dirt roads to provide a smooth and safe transition from pavement to dirt. Additionally, graded shoulders allow proper water drainage from the roadway system. Backfilling (adding dirt and then grading) is performed when dirt roads and shoulders are washed out after storms and flash floods. Staff is at constant readiness to assist during emergency and disaster situations, should they arise within the City of Victorville.


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