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 For Engineers And Developers


This page contains useful information for anyone wanting to develop here in the City. It also contains important data for the civil engineers hired to design developments.

The development process begins in the Development Department. The engineering division of public works ensures the infrastructure conforms to sound civil engineering standards for the City as a whole. The roadways, drainage, sewers, domestic water supply, and grading are all subject to approval by the City Engineer. The Case Improvement Plans & Map Review provides a flowchart that shows the process.

 Design and Engineers Docs:

General Design Requirements & Guides:


 Standard Computer Aided Drafting & Design Inserts:

      Useful Maps 
      Developers Docs: 

 Improvement Security  

Public Improvements, such as street, sewer, water, storm drain, etc. are to be secured with the in accordance with Victorville Municipal Code 17.64.60 along with the proper agreement per VMC 17.64.050 for all new development. The amount of the security is based upon the approved Engineer’s Cost Estimate. The agreements, cost estimates and security forms have all been standardized and are provided below.






In addition, the following insurance policies are required as identified in the agreements;

1. A Compensation Insurance Policy

2. A Public Liability and Property Damage Insurance Policy, not less than $1,000,000 per occurrence, $42,000,000 Aggregate.

3. A Contractual Liability Insurance Policy


Domestic Water Hookup

Standard details for domestic water facilities are included in the "Victorville Standard Plans & Specifications for Public Improvements" link above.
 Street Lighting

To report a street light problem, contact the Southern California Edison street light reporting line at (800) 611-1911. You will be asked:

  • The nearest address to the location of the street light.
  • Street light pole number which is located on the curb side of the pole on a tag approximately 6-ft up from the sidewalk.
  • The exact nature of the problem, such as broken, no light, flickers, goes off & on, etc.

On July 23, 2013, the City Council confirmed the formation of a City-Wide Street Lighting Assessment District (City-Wide SLAD) in accordance with the Landscaping and Lighting Act of 1972 per Resolution 13-013 (see slide show). The City-Wide SLAD funds the perpetual maintenance of all of the street lights and safety lighting within the City. Specifically, the monies are used to fund the construction, maintenance, rehabilitation and servicing of the street lighting and safety lighting, including but not limited to personnel, utility costs such as electricity, materials, contracting services, wiring, fixtures, and other items necessary for the satisfactory construction, operation, maintenance, rehabilitation, and servicing of the street lighting facilities.

The Engineer's Report for the City-Wide SLAD was approved on May 28, 2013 per Resolution 13-012 by the City Council. As outlined in the report, parcels are assessed based upon their special benefit, number of equivalent dwelling units (EDU’s), land-use designation, and parcel size. Only the proportional amount of each parcel will be assessed based upon the parcel’s location and if the parcel is improved or not. All parcels within the City’s boundaries are to be assessed regardless of ownership of the property.

SCE Streetlight Authorization - This is a Southern California Edison application required for the installation, removal, or relocation of street lights.

The following information may be useful for subdivision map preparation: 



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