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Plan Check & Bond Questions

  • What is your plan check process?
    Tract Improvement Plans
    First, Improvement Plans must be submitted in a complete package.  Please go to our
    For Engineers & Developers web page to download plan submittal requirements.  The City staff then looks at the perimeter of the project area and reconciles the plans with any plans that are currently being reviewed or have just been approved. Staff normally tries to return submitted plans and reports within two weeks after receiving them.  However, each tract is different in size and complexity and the amount of time will vary from plan to plan.   For that reason, more complex plans may require more than two weeks.  Second, plan checks are sent directly back to the Engineer of Record once we have reviewed the plans.

    Commercial Plans
    Improvement Plans must be submitted in a complete package. They will be checked in-house as received. Please note that subsequent submittals shall be checked prior to first submittals.
  • What is the status of my plans?
    Call 760.243.6355 or 760.955.5162 to find out about the status of Commercial Plans, Improvement Plans or LMAD/ DFAD (Landscape or Wall Plans).

    Call 760.243.6357 to find out about the status of Parcel Maps of Final Tract Maps.
  • Where can I get answers to questions about my plan check comments?
    Please submit your questions in writing along with any graphics that may be helpful by faxing 760.955.5159 or you may email them directly to the Engineering Department.
  • What is your bond release process?
    A letter requesting that a specific bond for a particular tract is submitted along with a vicinity map (8.5”x11”) depicting the location of the tract.  The superintendent of the project must schedule a bond walk with an Engineering Inspector for that tract.  The inspector will provide a punch list to the superintendent.  Once the punch list is completed, the inspector is called and another meeting is rescheduled.  The inspector signs off that all items have been completed and approved.  The inspector will then provide written notification of approval to the Associate Civil Engineer in the Development Division of the Engineering Department.  The City Engineer will then place the bond request on the next available City Council Agenda for the appropriate action to be taken.


Grading Permits & Standard Specifications

  • How do I get my grading permit?
    For Tracts
    Once all of the improvement plans have been signed and the bonds are received and all items on the checklist have been completed and the Final Tract Map has been scheduled for City Council, then two approved signed and grading plans will be routed to the Building Department for processing.

    For Commercial
    The Engineering Department only reviews the grading plans of commercial projects that move more that 5,000 cubic yards of dirt or have street, storm drain and/or sewer improvements also required within the public right-of-way.  Once all of the improvement plans have been approved and signed, then two approved and signed grading plans will be routed to the Building Department for processing.

    To find out about obtaining a Grading Permit through the Building Department, please call 760.955.5102
  • Where can I get the Standard Specifications For Public Works Improvements? The Standard Specifications are available on theFor Engineers & Developers webpage.  You may also purchase a paper copy at the Engineering Division counter in City Hall for $25 plus tax.


Agreement Forms & Overtime

  • I need the Utility Surety Agreement, Development Agreement, and Subdivision Agreement forms and instructions on how to fill them out properly.
    These forms are posted on this website on the For Engineers & Developers webpage under "Agreements".  Directions and blank forms are available in PDF format.
  • Can we pay overtime to move our project ahead of others?
    No. All projects are taken in the order the full submittal package is received. They are kept in that order per the date stamp placed on the cover sheet of each set of the plans.  NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Can the Engineering Division recommend a good Engineering Firm to hire?
    No, the Engineering Division does not provide recommendations.


Sewer Connections, Additional Drive, and Front Yard Fences

  • Is sewer available to my property?
    Please check our sewer atlas posted on the For Engineers & Developers page. Note: Property must be within the City limits of the City of Victorville. City sewer is not accessible to any property outside the City limits even though there are portions of County property within the City limits.  Some properties within the City limits will not be required to hook up to sewer if they are too far away from an existing main.  How far is "too far" is a judgment call by the City Engineer.
  • Can I have an additional drive approach?
    An inspector would be dispatched to the site to determine if this is possible.
  • Can I put up a wall/fence in my front yard? 
    An inspector is dispatched and right-of-way is determined. If allowed, maximum height is 36 inches.


Block Party Permits and Traffic Signals

  •  I want to close off my residential street to have a block party, what permits are required?
    This is not allowed. City streets and sidewalks are public right-of-way and cannot be closed to through traffic.
  •  I would like to have a traffic signal or stop sign installed at an intersection.
    Please submit your request in writing to the 
    City Traffic Engineer with all particular information. A traffic study will be generated to determine if warrants are met for your request.