Water Management Adhoc Committee

The Ad Hoc Water Conservation Committee was formed in September 2004 to bring together water agency and city representatives to develop consistent water use policies for the area.

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Committee History

September 2004

To bring together elected representatives from the various water agencies (with customers in Victorville) with the goal of developing consistent policies and programs relative to water.

Committee Members

  • City of Victorville:
    Bob Hunter, Councilman
    Manny Hinojos, Planning Commissioner
  • Baldy Mesa Water District:
    Bob Almond Jr.
  • Victor Valley Water District:
    Jim Cox
  • Mojave Water Agency:
    Mike Page



  • Developed a water use ordinance aimed at reducing water used for landscaping. The ordinance was approved by the City of Victorville in September 2005. The ordinance was developed in conjunction with the Building Industry

  • Met with the Board of Realtors to present the City’s new water ordinance.

  • Developed a series of water conservation Public Service Announcements featuring spokesperson Stephanie Edwards.


Projects in Progress

The committee is developing a school-based conservation education program. The program will be aimed at students in grades K-5. It will consist of collateral materials for students to take home, as well as classroom presentations or school assemblies

The committee is developing a brochure outlining the City's new water conservation ordinance, as well as ways to reduce water usage including the use of xeriscaping, low-flush toilets, etc is under development. This piece will be mailed to each household and to all new property owners.